Thought Leadership

In my research and writing, I strive to capture the authentic experience of educational leadership and, in doing so, celebrate the life-long pursuit and shared project of learning.


Teachers College REcord Article

Storying the Gap: Women’s Leadership Literacies

Gender inequality in K-12 school leadership persists. Women hold 41% of top roles but struggle in larger schools. This study of 30 female heads in 2020 unveils unique leadership skills.
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Networking and Adapting Their Way Forward: Women Heads of Large, K-12 Independent Schools and Their Leadership Literacies

This study identifies the role of networking and adaptability literacies in moderating gender bias in the leadership pipeline.
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NAIS Blog Post

Navigating the New Normal: Teaching in the Age of AI

As educators, we should engage students in conversations about where and how they see novel technologies impacting their own worlds, and what it might change for their capacities in the future.
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Book Chapter

Crisis Leader Literacies in K-12 Independent Schools During COVID-19

In crisis contexts, independent school leaders need to leverage adaptability and communication literacies that help them to connect and relate with the full continuum of need in their communities.
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The Lead Writer: Modeling the Habits of Writing for Students

Revise. Rewrite. It’s what writers do. Developing a writing practice is what leads to developing a writing voice, the fulcrum of successful communication in and out of school.
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NAIS Blog Post

Our Design Thinking Year

A year-long professional development experience in Design Thinking with Upper School faculty resulted in a number of new. student-centered ideas, concrete action items that could be put into motion the next school year.
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Collaborative Projects


Well-Schooled: The Site For Educator Storytelling

With Ann Klotz of Laurel School and Ari Pinkus of the American Communities Project, I created Well-Schooled, a website dedicated to first-person educator storytelling. Well-Schooled has provided numerous educators from diverse professional and personal backgrounds to share their stories with the world.

research publication


As an editor of Klingbrief, a publiction of the Klingenstein Center at Teachers College, I write and edit reviews of content relevant to educators and leaders across K-12 education.



With English teaching colleagues and students, I created bookclique, a weekly publication featuring one great book in an effort to promote book culture and continual growth. Since 2018, we have supported hundreds of authors by publishing original and resonant celebrations of their work.


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